Earn from what you know and love, leave the rest to Grindstock!

Supporting entrepreneurship in your community may be a top priority for you. You’re not alone, as hundreds of thousands of people across the world actively ensure they’re keeping hard earned money in their local economies.

Sometimes you may find yourself in a bind, needing a specialized task done around the house, with only one quick and  safe solution as your choice. That choice will usually be to go a well known big brand company in your area, which may not be local, and will usually charge a kidney… and an arm, and a leg. 

What if there was a simpler solution? What if there was a way for you to connect with your next door neighbour, who has the same plumber’s ticket as the big company guy, but could fix that leak faster and for much cheaper as well? 

Over the years I’ve met hundreds of amazing, hard working, trustworthy, responsible tradesmen, who know their job like the back of their hand. The problem for them was to organize a business out of it; to figure out a way to create websites, to plan marketing campaigns, to strategize SEO optimization, or even to find extra budget… To them, it all seemed impossible, so it wasn’t a priority.

Right now, Grindstock is about to launch a platform which will provide the most simple way for skilled people to start their own business, but skip all the hassle and stress. We strive to provide the ultimate “win-win” scenario for our experienced specialists and the customers purchasing their services. 

Professionals will tag their skills in order to focus search around their field of work. Users who are looking for skilled workers in those categories will quickly find them on the platform and offer them related work. As long as you have knowledge and experience in what you’re doing, and you’re good at communicating with other people, there’s no limit to where this platform can take you. 

Take care of your chores the easy way, and start connecting with potential leads in your community.

Earn from what you know and love, leave the rest to Grindstock!

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