People tip less now? Running out of gas? Forgot to change your oil?

Delivery apps are great. With the tap of a few buttons and a short wait, you have fresh food from your favourite restaurant delivered to your door. If you’re on the eating end of the deal, it’s pretty sweet (or spicy, savoury, whatever your taste is).

What if you’re the driver? Well, that side isn’t so great. If you’ve ever worked for a delivery service, you know what we’re talking about.

You think it’s an easy way to make some money on the side, but once you’ve made your first few deliveries, you see it’s not all too great.

You have to pay for your own gas, wait for the restaurant to make the food, drive across town as quick as possible to make the delivery, and then you only get a tip for one out of ten orders.

Not really the ultimate side gig you imagined, is it?

There’s a better way. Stop delivering on their terms, and do something that you love on Grindstock – the app that helps you earn from your passion (without charging you commission)