Still skeptical about the gig economy?

A lot of people and companies (me included) like to boast about how gigs are the future of work, but you might still be skeptical.

It’s an understandable concern. So many people are told their whole lives that the only way to make a living in this world is to work one 40-hour/week job. It’s what your parents did, and for decades it might have been the way to go.

The reality is, unless you’re a rocket scientist, engineer, or have another set of highly specialized skills, the traditional corporate model isn’t as sustainable as it once was.

People stay at jobs for less time these days, and hopping from one job to the next is the name of the game.

Why not just replace the one 40-hour/week job with a few side gigs that bring in just as much if not more money. The best part is you answer to no one but yourself.

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